How is Gordon Tang really special?

A Neurosurgeon refers to a physician specializing in the surgery and treatment of the nervous system and also its enveloping structures. The work of the Neurosurgeons is to operate on the spinal column, scalp, skull and brain. The neurosurgeon overall goal is to maintain blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thus reduce the damage.

If you are in East Bay area and are suffering with spine problems or have issues relating to your brain or scalp, immediately visit the renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Gordon Tang.  He is the only prospect of recovery and survival in Beverley, California area.  He has board certification and you can get satisfaction with his consultation as he has everything that you may be looking for as a neurosurgeon.

Dr. Tang has essential skills, experience and training to provide neurological surgery and healthcare. He initiates only after checking the history of the patient. Patients can also discuss their ability and ask about the procedure. Dr. Tang will oblige with relevant information and answers, besides he accepts insurances of all the types. As he runs only one clinic at Eastbay area, he is available on scheduled appointments on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm at his clinic office.

Dr. Gordon Tang An Expert Neurosurgeon In Beverley, California

Neurosurgery in the recent times has undergone sea changes and lots of things have contributed to the success of the surgeries. Dr. Gordon Tang is one such name as expert neurosurgeon that is located in East Bay Area, Beverley, California.

His specializations encompass neurosurgery, lumbar fusion, anterior cervical discectomy, lumbar microdiscectomy and fusion. He also specializes at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in neurosurgery. Dr. Tang is affiliated to Children’s Hospital Of Oakland, Alta Bates Medical Center and Kaiser Oakland.

Dr. Tang has only one location for his personal practice and can be reached there on all the weekdays between Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. His clinic East Bay Neurosurgery and Spine is easily accessible and patients can get appointments on contacting his office.

Dr. Tang offers the smallest possible procedure and this makes his the most favored doctor and neurosurgeon among patients. This is because this neurosurgeon offers minimally invasive treatments and this is one of the key reasons that over one-third of his patients after surgeries are not asked to stay in his hospital. He is highly preferred as he also accepts insurances of all types, though he is one of the top-rated neurosurgeons.

Are You Looking For A Neurosurgeon In East Bay Area, Know It Here

Do you know about Dr. Gordon Tang? Dr. Tang is a neurosurgeon also specialized in many other treatments and this includes spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, disc herniatino, sciatica, brain tumors and normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Tang is the best doctor one can find in the entire Beverley, California. He is a fellowship-trained, board certified neurosurgeon into the practice for more than two decades. He is a well known neurosurgeon and has already completed over 6000 surgeries. He is also Keck School of Medicine of USC, alumnus and has acquired over 24 awards. Apart from these, Dr. Tang has to his credit more than hundred presentations and publications to his credit.

Dr. Tang is rated at the top-rated neurosurgeon in the East Bay Area. He has his clinic located in the East Bat Neurosurgery and Spine. Patients can reach him to get details about his practice, background and experience, if you wish to know before getting into surgery. Dr. Tang has no hesitation in answering all your queries and you can call him between 9 am and 4 pm on all the weekdays from Monday to Friday. It is time to get your appointment scheduled at his clinic office right now!